East-West Law Group is one of the most successful law firms in Commonwealth of Independent States serving in the sphere of moral and economical damage satisfaction.

East-West Law Group teams with the world's top law firms and is known for its faithfulness, providing its clients with vigorous and responsible representation. We internationally network to handle aviation accidents, technological disasters, personal injury cases including auto accidents, employee injuries, product liability claims. So, even without being US citizen one has a right to take legal steps in American courts and recover his damages (amounts of compensation in the USA are higher than in any other country) from American manufactures of aircraft, sea-craft, overland transport and its separate units, as well as from manufacturers of drugs and others products. In the course of our clients' representation in the United States we closely collaborate with the most successful American law firms.

Vast network of partners in the international legal community is vital for handling cases like these. Our qualified attorneys under the auspices of our foreign partners have already helped thousands of our clients to receive high compensations.

East-West Law Group is willing to invest all necessary resources in order to effectively represent our clients and succeed in every case that we handle. Personal contact with our clients is essential to the way we run our business. In the course of representation we maintain regular communication with the clients, informing them and bringing into accord with them every step we take. Our lawyers strive to teamwork, using mutual knowledge and skills to provide our clients with the highest quality of legal services.

Our experienced staff as well as our ability to raise immense financial and human resources  allows us to combat some of the largest corporations in the world and their law offices. East-West Law Group successfully held trials against many of the world's biggest air carriers and manufactures, including "Boeing" and "Airbus".

We work on a "no win no fee" basis, what is known as Conditional Fee Agreement and advance all necessary and reasonable costs including the court expenses and state due related to the prosecution of the action at our sole expense. These costs are to be repaid in the event of the positive outcome only.

We call on all those who have been injured or suffered damages as a result of aviation accidents, technological disasters, defective products not to surrender your right of action against the guilty party as there is no other alternative to draw attention of the corresponding inspection bodies to the problems of production and transportation security and to enforce mulctary punishment. These is the way we can make air carriers, airports, manufactures of aircraft, sea-craft, overland transport and its separate units, branch departments to be conscientious in their responsibility to provide the customer with a proper product quality and sufficient safety level in their area of responsibility. We represent our clients in order for passenger, consumer and employee safety to become top priority for responsible persons.


Our main goal and major criterion of our job evaluation are many grateful clients. Success of East-West Law Group means thousands of satisfied clients in Russia and abroad. The best representation of our clients is what sets great store on our job and sincere gratitude is the most precious reward.